What do you do when a loud thump thump stereo car is parked across the street

Like for at least 20 minutes now.

hello 911… there is a strange car across the street. I think they are trying to break into the neighbors house. LOL

Walk over to the neighbors to mention your problem or call the poloice.

Much be bettter to do the former rhen the latter

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Move to the country. If that’s not an option, play some annoying song on your car stereo really loudly. One of those songs that everybody hates. Like that Macarena song.

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I shut the doors and go into my office and check out Car Talk. Or go mow the grass and can’t hear it anymore. It only lasts for a little while.


Take your shirt off and dance yourself across the street swinging it over your head and ask them to turn it UP so you can keep on dancing! Boogie down!

The embarassment will be too much for them to bear so they’ll go away or turn it off.


Mustangman’s method works, I can vouch for it … lol … my neighbor tried another method I noticed one time, playing classical music, speakers pointed in the direction of the offender. That of course didn’t work. Not at all. Usually my own method is to either ignore it or use it as an opportunity to do some sort of work that needs doing of my own, something that makes a lot of noise, like running the lawnmower or chainsaw.


Chainsaw is a good idea, though the neighbors at the cabins were like why do you have a chainsaw in the yard, expecting visitors I said, they came over anyway!!

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I put in my ear pugs and then tune the radio to a Mexican folk music station and crank it up. That or classical music. Just kidding.

The problem with them doing this is they’re destroying their hearing. So they compensate by upping the volume which does more damage and they’re now in a vicious cycle. Pretty soon their normal speaking volume is on loud by default.

So you get to hear them shout into their mobile while walking the dog. And of course they’re completely clueless as to why the neighbors resent them. They just think it’s snottiness.

Were I to do this, the embarrassment would be too much for me to bear. :wink:

I’ve taken a just-live-with-it approach to my neighbor, who has a kid with an absurdly loud car. I’m not sure he’s even running a muffler, and his stereo probably draws enough juice to power a small town. But if I confront him or call the cops, it can lead to a neighbor feud, and those can go for years and get ridiculously over the top. I figure the little jerk will have to move out some time.