Those D#*^d loud sound systems!


Just want some feedback on how everyone deals with those people,(using this term loosely)with the sound systems you can hear coming a mile away,vibrating the ground and if their anywhere near you in traffic rattles Your teeth. Any good ideas?My only consolation is that I know someday soon they will have Tinitis. Or maybe they already do and are trying to compensate!


“Forgive them for they know not what they do.” -Christ

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” -Christ

“Let it go, Louie. Let it go.” -the lizards from the Budweiser commercials


I’m with the Budweiser lizards.


There’s nothing one can do legally to get the thumpers to turn it down, asking nice does not cut it.
Actually I find the thumpers pathetic since they are trying to draw attention to themselves in such an unattractive manner which shows a gross display of insecurity and more often than not the stereo costs $1500 but it’s stuffed in a $500 car. You can hear their car parts rattle not because the stereo is powerful but because the car is a beater.


Good words Whitey, refreshing.


Actually, sometimes there are noise ordinances that would make something legal possible. I doubt its worth the trouble but there are places where one can get ticketed for too many dBs - I’m still with the lizards though.

As for really loud music - one can interpret it in different ways. Some music really begs to be played really loud: “cum on feel the noize” as Slade put it. It may be an insecurity thing, but I’d argue rebellious. I think some rebellion may be related to insecurity. But much of it is not. Rebellion is good. Just ask those who penned the Declaration.


Any one of those j,ks that tell you they can actually hear accurately what is playing is lying, they can’t. The maximum wave length that fits in any car is so short, those big subs are doing nothing but causing permanent hearing damage to those inside…sane people will have the last laugh.
The only suggestion I could make is what we did chaperoning dances with a db meter. Anything more than 90 db begins to cause hearing damage over time. We used it to keep systems at sane levels. If it’s the same people in town and you can prove that the loudness is sufficient at say, a cross walk with a meter, it would be worth a trip to the city council.


Where I live they routinely give out tickets for stereos that are too loud. They don’t use decibel meters, either. I’m not sure of the legalities involved. It’s kind of like if someone’s blasting music out the windows of their home and they get cited for “disturbing the peace” (?), or whatever the applicable charge is.


Actually, sometimes there are noise ordinances that would make something legal possible…I was being facetious as in we cannot drag them out of the car and cram a speaker up their #@$%#$%.

I agree some music has to be played loud. In my car I have Beethoven, Mozart, John Lee Hooker, Marshall Tucker, Santana and several others and when I can they are cranked up but never when it would be an annoyance to others.


I didn’t hear you say that “disturbing the peace” was a traffic violation. That’s what your missing, that’s what needs to be addressed in local Traffic ordinances and that’s why you seldom see enforcement of disturbing the peace for a noise violation unless there is a specific ordinance for it…operating a “jake bake” for example within prescribe limits. The db meter is NOT and enforcement tool until the ordinance is past…but it sure can be an informational tool to show there is a problem. Do you agree ? The town can then pass DTP areas where the police would then have a tool to work with…Remember, you’re talking about a moving offender, which makes it much more difficult to enforce w/o statute help.


When they are parked on the street I have had evil thoughts of hiding on my neighbors porch with a splat gun, (better go to church now), In “our fair city” they do ticket them, but it is not the kind of a thing I would put a 911 call in for. I guess if your inside the car you cannot hear all the body parts vibrating?


Write down their license plate number and call the local sheriff or police to investigate


It’s like putting a bumper sticker on your car that says “I Am Retarded”

They are actually doing other motorists a FAVOR…


And disturbing the peace has a time reference. If it’s not during customary sleeping hours (say, 10PM to 6AM or so), it’s not disturbing the peace. What differentiates noisy construction work from a loud stereo in the law?


…and will eventually be in need of hearing aid and will be eliminated from consideration for a list of jobs. At least play some music offended people might be less likely to complain about. They can play Steely Dan or Boz Scaggs as loud as they want. :slight_smile:



Not Slade. Quiet Riot. You’re welcome.


If they leave their car parked for any length of time, and it’s still running with no one sitting in it, take the CD out and pop in some Beethoven or Bach, then throw their CD in the trash, or scratch it up really bad.
I wonder how well a tazer would work if you lightly brushed it up against their car while it was playing.


“They can play Steely Dan or Boz Scaggs as loud as they want.”

But they don’t like [i]good music[/i}! Any other c-jazz would be good: like Basia, Chris Botti, David Benoit, or Keiko Matsui.

Trivia time! What’s the difference between Bona Fide and Slim Man?


I read an article a couple years ago. The event took place in some little town in Ohio in the Amish and Mennonite area. Some kid was cruising through town blasting his subwoofers. His sentence was to sit in the town jail and listen to Polka music for 4 hours.


What is the difference ?