What is it with music everywhere we go?


I dislike the overly loud players at gas pumps, I have not looked, but next time will to see if there is a mute button.


None of the gas stations in my neck of the woods have either video screens or music playing.


I like to listen to music, but when I listen to the music, I concentrate on the music and nothing else. I abhor background music of any kind. I don’t like music played through sound systems that have the sound quality of four guys sharing the same sinus. In the musical ensembles I play in, I have to listen to the other musicians to fit in my part. I don’t know why I have to be bombarded with background music from elevators to restaurants. I was in a men’s restroom once and the background music being played was Handel’s “Water Music”. I guess maybe it was appropriate.


Yes, but the ones that come up with those conclusions don’t carry the research far enough, in my opinion. Yes, perhaps the music does cause 70% of the people to look at more products. But it may also cause the other 30% to just walk out and never come back. did they take that statistic into account in their conclusions? I doubt it.


I was in one restaurant that the acoustics were so bad the waiter got our order wrong.


Loud music in eating establishments is not much of an issue around here. The lone exception might be Chilis. The last time I went in there a few months ago I could barely carry on a conversation with my sister who came up to visit and whom I see rarely.


Until they get married and buy a house, young folks have enough money to go out all the time. It was that way for me, and it is that way for my children. Except for the oldest, She and hubby are buying a house,


Grandma got run over, not Santa.


You’re right… but it doesn’t make that song any less aggravating.

My son had a baby two years ago, bought a station-wagon-type Audi, a house in the San Fernando Valley, they eat all their meals either out or ordered and delivered, and he just sold his San Fernando house and built a new one twice the size in Santa Clarita. And I just found out they expect another baby in January.

I had those good financial times at his age too. Right up until my luck went sour. Stuff happens. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As loong as we are off topic, rental house neighbor, want some basil, tomatoes, and raspberries? as we had excess, no if it don’t come in a box I don’t eat it. She was overweight and diabetic, suppose there is a correlation?


I occasionally eat lunch at a place that always has contemporary country music playing. That’s got to be the most banal, formulaic, and soul-less music anyone has ever come up with. That ain’t country, that’s truck commercial jingles.
It’s not that I hate country music, I love listening to old Ray Price, Bobby Bare, and Lefty Frizzell songs, but this new stuff is just…uninspiring…as uninspiring as John Cougar Mellencamp singing “when I fight authority, authority always wins”. It was said so much better by Bobby Fuller “I fought the law and the law won”.
The former is just somebody whining and feeling sorry for himself, the latter is full of energy and defiance.


There are not a lot of people that like Bobby Bare, I do, but got no love for the I can sing with a twang and the stupidest lyrics, and play that at the pump while I fill up with gas? NO THANK YOU. Even stayed at a hotel in Southern IL, with an attached restaurant called Fat bottom Girls, and the song was blaring in the parking lot 24/7, , posted in my review this is not necessary
Feel my pain, 24/7 give me break!


I cannot STAND being in a quiet bar. I’ll tell the barmaid to turn on music (ANY music) just so it doesn’t resemble a doctor’s waiting room in there! Or I’ll play a song on the jukebox. A bar never really is “quiet”; you just get to hear stuff like drunken pickup lines, and other “TMI” stuff. (Remember, drunks have a poor sense of what is “fit for public consumption,” and they invariably are talking louder than they think they are.)

I’ll get up and leave a bar that is too quiet, or too bright.


The only reason I ever go into bars now is to hear the band that’s playing in it. I can get drunk at home for a lot less money.


Here’s your song:


And that tune reminds me of this @B.L.E

which was popular one summer when I was driving a delivery route and needed to get up early. There were 2 local stations and they both signed off at 10:00pm and the one that signed on at 5:00am to wake me played that tune every morning after the national anthem for months. I didn’t set the alarm, I just left the radio on.


I’m not fond of overly loud music at retail stores either, especially auto parts that require clear communication with the staff to insure you get the part you need. I complained to the managers at two stores about this, and in both cases they lowered the volume by my next visit. And it has stayed lowered. So don’t discount the idea of offering up a polite complaint. Might work.


Back to Christmas music. Thanks guys. Now I’ll have Jingle Bell Rock going on in my head for the next two days.


I believe in Father Christmas by ELP. Nuttin for Christmas by Smash Mouth. Good stuff.


One thing about music in stores and restaurants…

What type of music do you pick, if you are the manager? classical, rock, country, folk, etc, etc… No matter what you pick, you will find most people don’t like that selection. Can’t make everyone happy…

PS, only one place I can think of that plays classical… that music I can put up with.