What is involved in replacing a 1994 buick century thermostat?

It looks like getting to the t stat would require removing the throttle body fuel injection and the exhaust crossover. Did they really make it this hard to do a common repair job or is there some easier way? Thanks for info.

Car designers could not care less about serviceability. They just don’t care, it’s not on their radar screen. Mechanics just look upon their creations and marvel in awe and make a good living dealing with it…Invest in a service manual if you are going to maintain this car…You can find used ones on e-Bay…

You shouldn’t have to remove all that stuff to replace the thermostat. Maybe the intake duct to the throttle body but that’s about it. You will need a ratchet, extension, and the proper size socket to reach under the throttle body to remove the thermostat housing bolts.


I had a Buick one time that had the thermostat in the radiator filler hole, right under the cap. Now I doubt very much if that is the case with your car.

Get a service manual. You can get cheap copies on Ebay. They’re always a good investment.