1996 Mustang with V6


I have to replace the thermostat on my 96 mustang and was wondering if this is something i can do myself. Ive done this on a honda accord. Yes i know this is night and day in terms of different cars just wondering if this is something i should take to the shop and have done. Thanks


The main difference between the thermostat on one engine and the thermostat on another is the location of the thermostat. If you can easily access the thermostat housing on your Mustang you can easily replace the thermostat yourself.


There might also be a difference in the material that the thermostat is located in. Newer cars tend to have the T-stat in a plastic housing. Maybe the Accord did too. You should pay attention to the torque figures given for the fasteners. You could have just been lucky the first time.


'96 Mustang 3.8 will have an aluminum thermostat housing at the end of the upper radiator hose. Easy, easy.

One thing to remember on these motors, they have a vent plug that you have to remove when you’re refilling the coolant system. It’s very obvious, just to the rear of the thermostat housing. Remove the plug, fill the system until you see coolant at the top of the vent, replace the plug.