What is engine cooling fan fluid?


2000 lincoln LS auto transmission no dip stick for trany,but found cooling fan reservoir!


The Lincoln LS, just like the newer T-Birds, used a hydraulic fan as goofy as it sounds.
This fan is expensive to repair and was done away with starting in either the 2002 or 2003 model year.
“Stupid” is a good word for something like this.


OK Thanks for that anwser. Now is that part of the automatic transmission fluid also?


Not as far as I know. The fan has its own resevoir. I believe the transmissions on these cars are considered “sealed for life”, which means until the warranty is up.

No dipstick but the fluid can still be changed. I believe they use a plug on these in which the correct fluid level is when it starts to seep out; much like refilling a manual trans or differential.
I don’t think there’s enough room under the hood to even put a dipstick. :slight_smile:


Your right ok ! I popped the hood and it looks like one big piece of plastic over the motor!


OK4450 is correct. The cooling fan resevoir is only for the cooling fan. The trans does not have a dipstick and is supposed to be a lifetime trans (its lifetime is up when it quits). The trans can be serviced but is a little difficult for a home mechanic.
To service you need to remove the pan and drain the fluid. Then clean the screen (no filter just wire mesh). After re-installing the pan the fluid is pumped into the trans through the plug in the bottom of the pan. When the fluid starts to run out of the drain plug you need to start the engine. Allow the engine to run while you continue to pump fluid into the pan. When the fluid starts comming pack out of the plug with the motor running replace the plug and you are finished. It is a pain in the a**.


Is lifetime kinda like foolproof?