What is difference between Ford Ranger XLT & Ford Ranger Edge


my 96 ford ranger 4x4 was totalled by a friend. no one was hurt! now I need to replace and it’s down to 2 choices…00 ranger xlt 4x4 from colorado, 95K miles, lots of dents and scratches with bench seat for $5500 with ABS light on OR 03 ranger edge 4x4, 50k miles, from california, looks brand new, bucket seats, $9000. I just can’t decide which is better for me. I will do no hauling and will be driven moderately.

I don’t get it. Aren’t there any Rangers for sale where you live?

There are no mechanical differences between the XLT and the Edge. They are just trim and styling packages.

Dents and scratches are not good. They indicate the truck has already lived a hard life. I’d pass on that one.

I do not recommend buying ANY vehicle without looking it over personally. An inspection by a mechanic is also a very good idea. I would never buy a vehicle sight unseen.

The choice is easy. The 2000 truck needs brake repairs at least, plus it sounds like it’s been abused. I’d buy the 2003 Ranger. Tell us what the options are on the Edge and we’ll help you figure out if the price is reasonable. FYI, it’s only reasonable if it’s a loaded Supercab Styleside.

Thank you for the reply:) I live in Hawaii so my choices are few. The 00 is on another island. A friend looked at it for me and said it “looks like a 2000 work truck…and the inside is dirty”. The 00 is here and I have driven it several times. I will ask my mechanic to take a look. My gut tells me to pass on the 00, too!
FYI…there are plenty of newer models but I don’t want to spend $20,000. Mahalo

The regional adjustment is about +$500. If it’s loaded and from a private party, the price is fair. It’s a good price on a dealer’s lot.