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Ford Rangers

I’m relocating to Wyoming and am looking to trade my 2001 Grand Am for a 2003 Ranger XL, 4x4. The Ranger has 79k miles - which leads to my question: How many miles should I expect a Ranger to last? I take good care of my vehicles and do all regular maintenance. Thanks.

It should last another 100,000 miles or more if it is in excellent shape now. Make sure you get a pre-purchase inspection before you buy the truck, and that the mechanic knows why you want it inspected.

P. S. Don’t tell him you’re moving to Wyoming, unless you live in Fort Collins now.

Thanks. Do you think the Ranger is a good vehicle? I live in Indiana now, so the truck will be full for a few days on the way out.

I believe some of those rangers have timing belts, expeciallly the 4 cylinder. That would be my greatest concern on whether or not it has ever been changed, or is it about to break. If it does have a belt, that is probably the weak link in the whole system, other than that, you cam probably expect to get 150K - 200K without any major problems if it was well maintained.

I have driven many Rangers over the years. I’ve done some stupid things in these trucks, and let me tell you they are tough little buggers…If you want a compact truck I highly recommend a Ranger. Just maintain it and don’t do crazy things with it and it should last as long as any other little truck out there.

Ford builds excellent trucks. Find one that looks good, have it checked by your mechanic, and buy one that passes the tests.