Help with buying decision - 4Runner vs Edge

Been looking for a pre-owned car for myself after 17 years of driving a Ford Explorer Limited. Not being thrilled with the new Explorer body, I’m looking at either the 4Runner Limited or Ford Edge Titanium.

I love a lot of the Ford features, but not sure about safety and handling, maintenance, and long-term investment. I found a 2014 CPO 4WD 4Runner in exact color, interior, with low mileage (36K(. The price of the 4Runner seems reasonable $39,999 OOD, including all fees. Can’t find a pre-owned Edge with low mileage, and the new ones seem to depreciate too much.

Not sure which car is best overall - I’ve read mixed reviews on various sites. Do I just go for the 4Runner? Or, hold out and hope for a CPO Edge to come along.

If anyone has opinions about either of these cars and what they’d recommend, I’d appreciate it.


You already answered your own question. Go for the Ford.

If you need the off road capabilities of the 4Runner, go for it. Otherwise, I’d buy a new Edge, easy to get a nice one for under $40k. What do you care about depreciation? If you hold your cars 17 years it doesn’t matter.

If you plan on driving the next purchase for a long time depreciation is a non-factor. Also why not new, that way you have a least 3 years of bumper to bumper warranty on most vehicles.

CPO to me means it is certified to be a used vehicle, nothing else.

They are not really the same type of vehicle.

The Edge is really a cross-over, unibody construction.

The 4runner is an SUV body on frame with a towing capacity of about 6000lbs.

A comparable Toyota would be the Highlander.

I have no experience with the Edge.

However I do have experience with the 4runner and Highlander.

I sold my 4runner with just over 300k miles…still running good when I sold it.

I now own a 14 highlander with just over 70k miles and it’s been flawless.

For longevity I give Toyota a distinctive edge…pardon the pun.


Thanks to all for your input. Since I’m not into towing, I’m leaning more towards the Edge. But like MikeInNH says, it’s the longevity, reliability, and resale value of the 4Runner that draws me to it.

I’d be very cautious buying a used Edge, not because of reliability, but because of the problems with the MyFordTouch (or whatever they called it at the time). They recently did a major upgrade to a different system, I’d sure want to have that.

If you’re looking at longevity, reliability, and resale, you should go with the 4-runner because the Edge isn’t nearly as likely to have any one of those three.


Are you saying that Ford has taken care of these issues? The new ones are more problem-free?

That’s my understanding. The prior ones weren’t so much unreliable as they were hard to use. They’ve gone with an entirely different system now, designed by a different company. But that’s just my understanding. An extended test drive would help. You also might buy the Consumer Reports new car buyers guide, it might have more info in general.

Here’s more info:

Thanks for sending – I just spoke with my mechanic (love and trust him) - turns out his wife owns a 2013 Edge SEL and loves it. They’ve only had one electronic issue (one door), but other than that, they love it. They’ve owned Toyota’s too, so he’s not biased.

He also said I really don’t need the 4WD or AWD - my concern was driving in rain. So there’s something else I need to consider.

Any opinion on that huge moonroof on the Edge and how it reacts in an accident?

Maybe you can find a 2015/2016 Edge Titanium or Sport model with 2WD and without the moon roof. Both are extra cost options. If you don’t know about the handling, you probably haven’t test driven one yet. Test drive both the 4Runner and Edge to see if you like either. I’m sure you can find one that is just about what you want. You can test anything to see if it is right for you. If you want a 2WD Titanium, just find one for a test drive. If you don’t like it, you can look for something else.

Consumer Reports said that they don’t see the need for vehicle certification. A nearly new vehicle should be in good shape anyway. If you want low mileage, you may have to get a CPO since most dealers put the lowest mileage vehicles in the plan. Also, expect to look at off-lease vehicles exclusively for low mileage, late model cars. I wouldn’t worry about that. Just focus on the condition of the one you are interested in. You could spend about $125 to have your favorite mechanic do a prepurchase inspection. You might consider this your equivalent of the CPO check.

He should have also said that tire rotation is really important with 4WD or AWD. I still say since you are asking questions that you should concentrate on new in your price range.

I make a point of avoiding sunroofs (headroom, weight, something to leak/break, cost), others like them. As for the huge ones, they are a big hole in a major body part, so I’d think they have to compromise body strength to some degree. How much, I don’t know.

Sanders, Volvo, and Texas, thanks for the continued support and help.

I’ve driven all of the vehicles, but I’m thinking of renting each one for a couple of days - to really test out and determine how each one fits my lifestyle.

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Renting is a great idea. Make sure the rental company knows that you must have a specific vehicle. They advertise an Edge, but can provide and equivalent vehicle if they don’t have an Edge available. Just make sure they know why you want it and be flexible on when you rent it. If you both work together to get the Edge and Highlander for a few days each, I’m sure it will work out.

The 4Runner Limited has a list price of 42+k, why do you think $40,000 is a good price for a 3 soon to be 4 year old one? Also right now Toyota has $2000 rebates and the dealers near me have discounts beside.

If you are financing, you can get better rate new than used.


Depreciation matters even if you keep your cat 17 years.If someone totals your new car after 5 years you would get paid for a 5 year old one. If bought 3 or 4 years old you would get paid for an 8 or 9 year old one.

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Thanks, JT - I’m going to ask the dealers too, as some of them have rental options now. I tested the Highlander and don’t really like the feel, so it’ll come down to the Edge and 4Runner. But I might revisit the Explorer as well. Or, I might just scrap it all and go for the custom Softail Harley. LOL!

Good points OT-11 - I think this is why I never went through with the deal. It just didn’t feel right. Back to the drawing board!