Rusty Ranger

We are in a dilemma, any help would be appreciated!

We have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab 4wd. My FIL bought it new, and we bought it from him in 2005. At our recent inspection, major frame rust was discovered. Our mechanic thinks it is worth it to fix it, but will be about $1000+ because of welding and fabrication needed. Usually you’d think, “10 year old Ranger with rust? No way!!”

Kicker is that it’s otherwise great - AND only has 40k miles on it.

Is it worth fixing, or should we try to sell it to a dealer?


I would get a second opinion about the rust (it may just be “surface rust”). In my humble opinion I would sell the vehicle for parts only if the frame is truly rusted. This vehicle is 11 years old and it could be potentially dangerous to drive. The biggest problem is that you do not know the extent of the rust or how it was caused.

I dunno. I fixed the frame on my step-brother’s 93 s10 a few months ago. 4 pieces 4x3/8 flat bar. 4 1/2’ grade-8 bolts washes and nuts. 4 6011 welding rods, and about 4-6 hours of nasty, filthy, grinding, drilling and welding. Total cost about $60 bucks. I’m a welder, so my labor was obviously free. Oh yeah and 1 large pan of sugar-free brownies for the diabetic mechanic for the use of his lift. From what you describe, to me it sounds like you outta go ahead and do it. Have the mechanic do a once over just to make sure the transmission isn’t next.

Is this truck in the Rust Belt; Ohio, Minnesota, etc?
If so, what about body panels, suspension components, etc?

I would be very hesitant to spend a grand on a truck with cancer, 40k miles or not.
You will not get much for it at the dealer because you can safely bet they’re familiar with rust issues too.