Wet carpet

I have a 2000 Camry that has a wet carpet after a rain. It seems to be the wettest at the area next to my left foot on the drivers side. I had it checked, but they could not find anything. I suspect it is coming from the drain for the sunroof. However, I have no idea how to see if it is plugged. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Could be sun roof, door seal or windshield. Take it through a car wash and see if you can see the leak. Drains go down the pillars and would be difficult to get to. Maybe you can blow them out with compressed air from the sun roof area.

Check for leaks with a water bottle filled with soapy water. A dish soap bottle is perfect but don’t use dish soap. Close all windows and leave car running with blower on high speed, select outside air. Squirt water on edges of windshield and rain gutters or where chrome strips attach. If there is a leak anywhere the sudsing will be enormous and spectators will crack up with laughter.

It won’t help with your sunroof drain but you may find the leak.

I had the same problem. I park my car on an incline, head first. I got water in both my cabin and in the trunk. You might want to check your spare in the trunk and see if it is wet as well.