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What is a base headliner module?

Does anyone know what a 2010 Dodge Charger Base Headliner Module is?

Have you looked on the shelf next to the muffler bearings?

They are kept next to the choker holes,same shelf but pushed to the back a little, look hard you will find them.

Are You Bored ? It Sounds Like You’re Reading The Car’s “RPO ( Regular Production Options ) Codes” On The “Service Parts ID” Label. Or Is This On The New Car Window Sticker ?

The “base” probably refers to the base headliner module or default part that comes on the base (basic) model, not the optional version of the headliner module.

Where are you seeing “base headliner module” ?

If that’s an RPO code then the latest version Dodge factory manual should tell you. I have to admit that it is fun to look those up. I knew a guy who used to order his new GMC trucks from that list and GM would make it for him. They probably won’t do that now.


thanks for the help but not being a gear head i’m still clueless.
as for being bored…nope…just curious…this question stems from concern.
i ordered the car through the base PX and the base headliner module showed up on a list of standard equipment on the PX quote. I ordered the car and the PX sent me an order confirmation quote and i noticed several pieces of standard equipment from the old list were either “upgraded” or deleted…the base headliner module and spoiler having been deleted. Is this bhm something i can live without, will i notice it not being there, is it safe to assume its part of the standard equipment package…etc. ps…called dodge and got a lady in india who was clueless about the vehicle and read from a manual. next call will be my local dealer. thanks for the help.

DL, It Looks Like I Was On The Right Track. I Can Only Guess At The Headliner Module.

A headliner is ordinarily considered the “ceiling” inside the car. These used to be cloth upholstery that was held in place by wire bows. Now headliners are a large “molded” to shape piece of fabric covered plastic. My first guess is that the whole headliner is referred to as a module.

My next guess is that headliner options vary with equipment that could be built into the headliner. Some cars have a molded-in spot for DICs (driver information centers) with a compass, MPG meter, etcetera. Other cars have DVD players up there. Sometimes if you had no options in the ceiling (base model) there is no molded-in spot for accessories (I’m guessing here).

Still, on cars you’ll see that the manufacturer just fills in the spot with a plastic piece to hold the owner’s garage door opener or sunglasses, etcetera. Maybe that little piece of plastic inserted into the headliner is the “headliner module” and it varies with optional equipment. I’m not sure how one can be “deleted”.

If you could befriend a willing person at a large Dodge dealer who has been there a while, that has access to Chargers and their Service Parts ID / RPO stickers (sometimes in the car’s trunk or under a rear seat and they have a list of codes that specify all of the car’s “build” options) and access to an RPO list (I’d think Sales people or Parts people would have this information) they could compre cars and RPOs for you.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Thanks for your service to our country.