Air conditioning and heat

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XL. There isn’t any heat or air conditioning coming out of the overhead vents. My mechanic tells me it is a control head module. I would like to try and fix this myself. I don’t know where this module is located on the vehicle. It seems I could just remove the defective one and replace it with a new part. If this is possible, I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Are these modules easy to find in part stores and how expensive is this part?

The control head module is the component that is mounted in the dash with all the controls for the heating and air conditioning. So it’s a matter of removing the bezel from around the module, unplugging/removing the module, and reinstalling the replacement module.

Parts stores don’t sell these type of modules. This is a dealer only part. So you should be sitting down when they tell you the price. Unless you can find a functioning replacement module from a local auto recycler.


For salvage yard parts, I have found this site to be more than useful: