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Repair or Replace?

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,
It is currently 0715 Tuesday Morning in Afghanistan, and I am going to be leaving this place very soon. I have been on here pretty frequently asking about the brake booster for my ‘64’ Mercury. I found the part I needed, so that is one large hurdle that has been cleared. I have a few other minor issues that I have ordered parts for. Needless to say I’ll be busy when I get home…
However, the headliner in my car started to come loose right before I left. I’m undecided as to whether I should just replace the whole thing, or just get the problem area repaired. Unfortunately, the place I have emailed about it has yet to return my email. I’m a little frustrated about that.
At any rate, any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks alot.

It depends on how picky you are. If this is a car you are restoring to be as nice as reasonably possible, you probably know the answer.

If instead you want a quick and cheap fix, I’ve found some little decorative things, short curly stiff wires with decorative clear “heads”, which you screw into the thin material which lies behind (above) the actual headliner. I got mine at Autozone two years ago, but their website does not show the product I used. They have another alternative now, at least that’s what I found on their website. Mine worked well enough for the older vehicle in question, and didn’t look ugly. Just check any parts store for “headliner repair”, you might find these good enough for your needs. Good luck!

@WesternRoadtripper, the headliner in these classic cars are cloth or vinyl supported with bows through sewn-in loops. There is no backer board the headliner is glued to. That started later, I think in the 70’s.

@godfather, a patch would work, but it will be noticeable as a patch. If you plan on keeping it a while, consider replacing it. Many auto upholstery shops can take the original as a pattern and replicate a new one if a pre-made one cannot be found. The headliner for my '62 Thunderbird was only about $60 pre-made.

And allow me to express my sincere and undying thanks for your service in Afghanistan.
My son spent most of 2012 there, and it sure was good to have him back on U.S. soil.

Sincer best. Have a safe trip home.

Check Pep Boys if you have them, or another chain auto parts store. They might sell headliner kits. I mention Pep Boys because Motorweek gave a positive review to a kit that they sold a few years ago. Check on line and see if anyone sells them.

You will be better off replacing it. There are custom shops that can make you one. Be safe and welcome home!!

oldbodyman- I believe I found one near my house. Thank you very much!