Rolls-Royce SUV

Rolls-Royce is introducing an SUV. I’ve owned SUV’s since 1990. Only way I could afford one of these is if I take it out of my 401K. But - needless to say the wife would divorce me and then probably get the truck in the divorce.

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It’s called hopping on the bandwagon. I am not sure a Rolls Royce coming out with an SUV is any different than a Cadillac with its Escalade. I haven’t kept up on SUVs, but I think there is Mercedes Benz SUV and a Porsche SUV.
Consumer Reports didn’t give the Escalade very high marks, but in my region, the wealthy are snatching them up.
I think I’ll buy a Rolls Royce SUV and have a snowblade installed so I can make the payments

Lamborghini has one too:

The sheiks and the pop stars need new toys.

I hope the great visibility on the Rolls is picked up and copied by the other manufacturers, and is the start of a trend to reverse the trend towards poor visibility that we have seen in the last decade or so.

The Lamborghini is just the opposite, visibility so poor as to be a safety concern.

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It wouldn’t be a Lambo without terrible visibility.


Their first SUV in the 80’s had much better, though still not great, visibility:

But at the end of the day, people with Lamborghinis are generally more interested in being seen in them than in being able to see out of them.

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The Bentley Bentayga is sooo much more affordable new, and it has been around since 2016. Surely you can afford one of those, especially used.

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Saw a Rolls Royce ‘jeep’ in the California desert 50 years ago. They made them for WW2 service. No differential bump. Get one of those.

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Rolls Royce Jeep? Now that’s high country living :wink:

It wasn’t a luxury car, but a contribution to the war effort. I don’t think I’ve seen another car with a completely flat underside.

Well bragging rights is part of paying for the brand that why people are more interested in being seen with Lamborghini.

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How about this Lamborghini??

It’s kind of sad that the tractor business is no longer owned by the same company as the car business. But the story on how the cars got started is pretty good.

Seems Old Man Lamborghini made a pile selling his tractors, and decided to buy a Ferrari 250 GT. He wasn’t happy with the clutch, so he went to Ferrari to talk to him about it. Enzo basically told him to shove off, he wasn’t interested in the ramblings of a tractor maker.

So Lamborghini decided to build his own sports car and go head to head with him.

This article was the first time I had heard of it:

I didn’t get it until I googled it.

the escalade was a clone of the suburban.
will the RR suv be a clone of the bentley?

No. RR is owned by BMW and Bentley is owned by VW.