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How do I find a story?

There was a very nice story about a girl driving her father’s car after the care overheated.

Tom and Ray called the father and the father was very nice.

Hi @westmor was it a segment on the radio show? A podcast recently? someone may remember, but if you can give me more detail perhaps I can find someone who can assist.

Could it be this episode ?
“Christy decides it’s time to 'fess up to her Dad about destroying his car 15 years ago.”
Then Tom and Ray call dad and explain what Christy did

Not sure what show the original airing was from

The part I’m thinking of starts at about 38 minutes into the episode.

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Yes, thank you. I will find it and send a like to a friend.

You don’t need to find it, just click on it in my previous post, will take you to it.

See, no need to hide stuff from us. We can be very understanding since we were probably there once ourselves. I didn’t think anything of it when I found out some 20 years later that my Riv ended up in the ditch but a nice farmer pulled it out. I never did confess myself about using the radio in the Falcon, or getting the Merc stuck.