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Torque Specs. for wheels

I have a friend with a 2001 Ford Mustang. It has 15 inch Aluminum Wheels. Can someone tell me the correct torque specs. for the wheels.


it’s either 95 ft/lbs. or 100 ft/lbs.

As with so many other topics, the correct information should be found in the Owner’s Manual.

Please note that I used the term, should, because there are some instances where American manufacturers omit things that could be construed as “technical” in nature, in the mistaken assumption that their customers are not technically-oriented. I know that my Owner’s Manual (Subaru) does include this information (72 ft. lbs.), but it is possible that Ford has not included that information. However, I always suggest starting with the car’s manual.

Incidentally, if you call a Costco tire center, they will give you the correct information, simply because they actually utilize it, unlike many tire dealers. All lug nuts are hand-torqued to mfr’s specifications at a Costco Tire Center.

Why is engine torque listed in lbs/ft and wheel torque listed in ft/lbs? can’t the terms be interchanged?Some kind of “new physics” explaniation?

For the same reason torque is expressed as ft-lbs (read as foot pounds) and spring rate is expressed as lbs/ft (read as pounds per foot) - to prevent confusion about what is being talked about.