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Corvette glass

here is a rear glass mod that you dont see very often

I’ve never seen one like that. Might be from a company called ‘Ecklers’, here’s an article about their hatchback modifications:

How to turn a beautiful coupe into an abomination that looks like the guy that designed the pacer had a hand in the modification…

You’ll notice how the owner takes care to park it in the shade…

Not a fan of the C3 Corvette, but if I wanted one with a hatch, I’d prefer one of these:

Sometimes in the wintertime in Minnesota you start to do crazy things before spring comes.

I liked the early C3s. So did a buddy. He bought a 1968. After many warranty claims he received a lemon law refund which could be an isolated incident. Then came the first round smogger/better fuel mileage. Then came 145hp. Then came 5mph plastic bumpers. They handled the bumpers better than most, but still, YUCH!

Not my cup of tea as far as the looks department and maybe not the climate controlled comfort department either if that car does not have A/C or the refrigererant is empty all of the time.
That’s the last Corvette body style I really like but that rear is just a total turn-off.

I actually appreciate the look of the hatch on the first Corvette because it’s not stock. I do like the Vette in the picture @texases has though because it was designed to go with the original body.

I don’t like it at all.
IMHO it was the flowing curves that made the early Corvettes gorgeous. Curves are sexy. The window in the photo takes the curves out of the rear end and replaces them with an almost flat glass panel with a frame.

For the record, the C3 was the last of the sexy 'Vettes in my opinion. The C4 was the beginning of the move toward the wedge shaped body.

From the back, it looks a bit like a Ferrari 275 GTB. The first one, that is. I wonder if that is what teehee were going for?

There seem to be more ugly body kits for Corvettes than any other car. Yuck! Especially post 68 C3’s because of the long run. I owned an 84 C4 that I thought was a beauty at the time but the design hasn’t aged well. I prefer the C6.

@Mustangman - I agree. Here’s my list:
C2->C6->C1->early C3->C4->C5->late C3

I haven’t decided on the C7 yet, in some ways it’s overdone, some ways not.

I think the most gorgeous 'Vette was the C2, the only real Stingray designed around the Mako Shark concept car. Second place in my favorites list is the C3.

I like the last of the C1s with the duck tail rear and dual headlights best of the older ones. I am also quite fond of the c6 and C7.

I concur on the early C3. @texases, I’d list them in order, Early C3, C6, C2, C1, C4, C5 Late C3. I’m not sure where I’d put a C7… it is very color dependent.

Those square bodied C3 cars had a purposeful, muscular appearance in either coupe or convertible form. The only downside is limited room under the fenders for fat tires. That just means you leave them alone and put really good, skinny tires on them!