What else to change when timing belt/ water pump are done?

1987 Acura Integra AT with 158k

Water pump broke after 75k miles (in 18yr period)

I am wondering what else should I have it done:

  • thermostat
  • oxygen sensor (is there one?)
  • vacuum tubes (I hear that these fail due to age)
  • anything else?

Are these near where they will be working on?

Any other tips?

I would change the belts, hoses, thermostat. Does this have a chain or timing belt? If it has a belt than I would change it too. Check the radiator if it has a top cap. If there are any signs of leakage, chang ethe radiator.

Vacuum tubes do fail with age. Fortunately, your car doesn’t have vacuum tubes.

What it does have is vacuum “lines”. These are the black rubber tubes that allow the vacuum created by the engine to perform other functions, like advancing spark timing and assisting you when you brake. Vacuum “lines” are dirt cheap by the foot, and very easy to change… ONE AT A TIME so you don’t screw up the connections.

Use the term “vacuum line” when going to the parts store. If you ask for vacuum “tubes” they’ll send you to Radio Shack. Vacuum “tubes” are mostly obsolete electrical parts (except for high power applications).

I will assume you are are planning on doing the water pump AND the timing belt, and are asking what else we recommend . . .

Here are my recommendations. This is in addition to what you and @knfenimore have already mentioned

Timing belt tensioner
timing belt idler pulley
front crank seal
cam seals
balance shaft seal, if the engine has one
accessory drive belts, if they’ve got any kind of miles/time on them
valve cover gasket . . . if you need to remove the valve cover during the timing belt job
If any coolant hoses look crusty, replace them now

As for the oxygen sensor, you have one, and it’s upstream of the cat. It’s undoubtedly slowed down with age, as we all do . . . but I can’t guarantee replacing it will make the car run better. It might still be doing a fine job. Have you measured its output with a multimeter?

Are the crankcase breather hoses and vacuum hoses already brittle and/or spongy?

Just the tensioner/pulley and belts. If the valve cover comes off have them inspect valve clearance.

Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, front crankshaft seal, fan belts and new coolant.

In addition to the above recommendations, I’d have the spark plugs changed too. If it’s been awhile since they’ve been changed