Another timing belt question

I will have reached the timing belt replacement in years(7),well before the 60k miles in the manual.

Is there any real reason to change the water pump,pulleys,etc?

How confident are you that the water pump will make it to fourteen years? If you guess wrong, you’ll essentially be paying for the same labor twice.

Someone will have dismantled the engine stuff far enough that doing the water pump is almost free labor. I would not consider not doing the water pump, but it is your choice.

In the long run I suspect it will be cheaper to replace it when the timing belt is replaced.

Recommended replacement is always Whichever comes first!

Replacing the water pump just makes good economic sense. Why would you take the chance with a 7+ year old water pump for a small amount of money?

Some like to change the water pump every time the T-belt is done, others do it every other time. The tensioner will be checked when the belt is changed.

If you have the V6 you may want to change the tensioner also. The inline 4 is not an interference engine, but the V6 is. If the timing belt fails of the V6 the pistons cam bang the valves and expensive damage can be done.

Am I missing something, but can the tensioner actually cost MORE then the T-belt costs? For my Kia it shows the belt at 79.99 and then a tensioner at $123.00?

That should not be a surprise. The belt is just a fiber-impregnated belt, like a fanbelt but of a different shape. The tensioner is a mechanical assmbly. the kit will actually include a pulley assembly and a hydraulic ram. Not everyone will agree with me that it’s worth changing, 'cause failure really isn’t common. I think it’s good preventative maintenance.

With less than 60,000 miles, I wouldn’t bother replacing the water pump. I think they last longer than they used to. If eventually you have to replace the water pump, have them put in a new timing belt at the same time for an extra $20 and you’re good for another 7 years.

Could that $123 price might be for the whole timing belt kit that comes with both the tensioner and the belt?