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'What Driving Can Teach Us About Living '

Yes! I took a Defensive Driving Course a few years ago. They showed a movie about what type of people to watch out for when they drive.

One showed a woman lighting up a cigarette in restaurant right under the No Smoking sign. Another was about cutting pedestrians off while on foot, using a shopping cars as a battering ram, etc.

Parking in a “Handicapped” zone without a permit is a dead give-away.

On the road I stay clear of drivers using cell phones and doubly clear of those smoking while using cell phones with a dog lose in the car…

Unsecured loads in the back of a pickup truck is another one; just yesterday a woman was almost killed when a lose piece of 3/4" plywood flew off a truck and went through her windshield.

Dangling license plates are another indication of those who make their own rules.

A great idea but… sadly impossible where I live. Smoking phone surfers eating lunch, dog lovers texting with their pooches holding a mattress on the roof at 40 mph, 3 guys smoking in a truck bed holding construction material precariously perched running a red light so there is no risk of shifting the load under braking.

I’m waiting to see an unsecured flatbed truckload of captured pythons headed in for the bounty…

I live in Florida, Florida Man is everywhere.

Well it’s only gonna get worse in Florida. I don’t remember the exact figures but folks are leaving NY, NJ, CA and Illinois in droves and ending up in Texas and Florida. Net population loss versus net population gain, and they aren’t all gonna be young whipper snappers moving in. I’m scheduled for my repeat defensive driving class this month so hope my agent doesn’t see my Christmas card from the Indiana State Police. They need to take customer service training like the Minnesota Patrol.

Understood… but many of the worst drivers I see ARE the young whippersnappers!

And it is not just for the weather… :smile:

Driving habits seem to be getting increasingly aggressive, less courteous, and more self centered. Pretty much like most of society in general. People drive like they are. If you’re a jerk, you’ll probably drive like one. If you’re elderly and do things pretty slow - you’ll drive the same. If you’re scatter brained and don’t pay attention, that’s how you’ll drive.

I’m mildly sarcastic. But I don’t know how to drive in a mildly sarcastic manner. Other than maybe signaling left and then turning right. Meh, too much effort.

We have a large number of drivers here who will start turning and halfway through the turn activate the turn signal. Rather than the other way around, using the signal to indicate the INTENT to turn.

These guys often own upscale cars such a BMW 500 series and Mercedes Benz SUVs. Ironically the taxi drivers seem to be the most observant of traffic rules. Of course they drive for a living and any suspension of license (starting at 15 demerit points here) means loss of income.

We have drivers who leave the turn signal on for 10 miles, never use them at all or use them to signal a right turn and then cut across 4 lanes of traffic to turn left…

If driving habits teach us about living, which I believe holds true… Then come, come my friends, come see what the Philadelphia area has to offer… and if you live, we can chat about it.

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Did anyone actually make it all the way through that long boring article ? I gave up after about 3 paragraphs.

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