What does things taped under the hood mean?

Hello, looked at a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee but I noticed that some things were taped together under the hood. The sales man is trying to say its normal and that he used to be a mechanic. Is this normal? What does this mean, why is there tape? Thanks for your help! Added some more pictures below in the comments

It IS normal

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What does it mean when they have tape in it? Why did they do that

Completely normal.

The tape keeps the anti-abrasion covering from coming loose.

It also can keep things together that are assembled together until they are actually assembled.

All cars do this. All

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to keep the ends from fraying. You may have seen that done to ropes.

It does look like an amateur job thought. Take a look at a Cherokee on the lot and compare.

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This is absolutely the right answer.