Does anyone know what this is?

Looks like a ground joint connector. This is where a group of ground wires are spliced together.

My confusion is my vehicle has only been serviced at toyota…I find it hard to believe that the manufacturer would use electrical tape to attach a component…or am I incorrect?

Electrical tape is used to bind the entire wiring harness. Those wires are taped to the harness so they don’t move, the splice connection is inside the plastic capsule that looks like a light bulb.

Ok thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Sometimes it is necessary to use electrical tape after a repair. At the place the vehicle was manufactured they wouldn’t do it that way b/c the part wasn’t attached to anythng, so they’d use heat shrink tubing or similar. But once attached it’s not possible to place heat shrink tubing on it, so they have to use tape. As mentioned above, the tape isn’t – or at least shouldn’t be – holding the electrical connection together; it is just holding the wires in a bundle, so they don’t get caught on something. The tape also helps prevent short circuits.

diy’er note: If you ever try this method yourself, be sure to use Scotch Super 33+ electrical tape. Costs more, but holds up to engine temperatures better without unraveling.

So hard to tell. do you have a towing package? might be for trailer brakes.

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Kapton tape is an outstanding electrical tape too. Polyimide (Kapton) has excellent heat resistance. Silicone adhesive has the best heat resistance of the generally available adhesives for tape. Bring your checkbook.

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