What Does Evap System Do

Exactly what does the evap system do? I have a 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE and the filler tubes to the evap system are rusted through completely. PLUS, Nissan STOPPED MANUFACTURING those parts for my car model. GOTTA LUV 'EM (screamed with irony) !!!

The evap system captures gasoline fumes as the gas evaporates. It stores them and sends them through the engine to burn rather than letting them escape to the atmosphere.

Any decent independent mechanic should be able to re-rig your evap lines with normal rubber vacuum hose which is very inexpensive stuff.

Excellent synopsis.

I agree, except fuel lines might be a better bet. They’re more robust and less prone to future leakage.

Of course, the Same-Mountain-Bike meant you should use rubber fuel hose.

Right. Nice clarification.

If the filler tube is the Fuel filler neck, and its rusted away at the point where the evap line is connected, then this could be a problem. OP could you clarify what the “fuel filler” is?