Evap question

So my 96 thunderbird had an evap problem. Which was that the evap canister was missing entirely causing the motor to stall. Instead of installing a new evap I just plugged off the two hoses that would plug into the evap canister. It’s ran like this for about a year now. Will this cause any inherent problems?

Cause so far the only thing I’ve noticed other than it throwing a evap code is that when I open the gas cap it hisses for like 2 minutes and shoots gas fumes at so you smell a ton of gas fumes and it smells terrible and if you lit a match or cigarette around it it would burn down the entire gas station killing every one.

Why didn’t I just replace it? Most of both of the hoses just disintegrated as soon as I touched them so it wouldn’t be just a easy fix cause I’d have to replace the hoses to. I plan to get new hoses and install the evap canister this summer though

so a fire isn’t an inherent problem enough for you? :rofl:

know that removing the evap canister is tampering with the emissions system of your vehicle, thus you are adding more pollutants into the air that the manufacturer designed. This will also, depending on where you live, will keep you from passing an emissions test.

I recommend returning this T-Bird to factory design. :wink:

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Your other thread says you have another problem that might even be related to this . Either fix this thing properly or replace it . I also don’t like people polluting the air that I breath.

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I did the idle reset and it did fix it thing idles great. There’s two things I plan on doing once school is over. I’m gonna fix my driver side door latch and replace the evap hoses so I can install a canister. Just wondering if it would cause the problems in the short term until school is over as I don’t that gas fumes building up in the gas tank and fuel system is a good thing in general. Will also help as overdrive won’t activate when there’s a code being thrown.

It is a problem. I need to go through two more weeks of school before I can do anything about it. So I phrased my question wrong I think so basically will it be fine for two more weeks? I think yes cause it’s literally just an emissions thing and doesn’t really effect how the car runs at all. But will gas fumes building up in the tank cause a chance for the car to go up in flames? Again I’m not sure but probably not because gas needs a flame or spark to ignite. But I want other peoples opinion on it.

If the pressure in the gas tank gets high enough, it could blow out whatever plugs you used or just split the remaining lines, potentially causing a fire. This becomes more likely as the temperature goes up.


I’m not sure I’m right on this, so someone can correct me if I’m wrong. Couldn’t you plug just the hose (what’s left of it) going to the engine? That would keep you from having a vacuum leak, but keep pressure from building up in the tank…I think.

Kind of a moot point anyway since you’ve been driving with it the way it is for a year and plan on repairing it correctly in two weeks.