Getting Gas half a gallon at a time since EVAP smoked

Hello all! I had a mechanic smoke my EVAP system (after being asked NOT to touch it!) about a month ago. Since that time I have not been able to get more than half a gallon of gas at a time (I have to wait 30-60 seconds and can repeat) before the pump shuts off. There was a code for a small EVAP leak when the car was dropped off for another issue, this problem started with my very next fill up a week later.

A few people have mentioned that this can be caused by smoking the system with a full tank of gas (which was the case) but I cannot find anything online to support this claim.

Cleveland winters are mighty cold to be standing outside for ten minutes to get five gallons of gas!

What model year is this Sentra?

If this EVAP system has an Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system, you will have to look at the vent circuitry. This usually goes from a high point on the tank through the canister to an external vent pipe. Make sure that the external vent pipe is not clogged up with something (like a spider nest).

Hope this helps.

Only the latest models have “onboard vapor recovery”… What model year is this car?

I question why you are not presenting your damages to the mechanic that you claim harmed your vehicle.

Well, if it was mine, I know what I would try first. Most cars are now equipped with an anti-spill shut off valve in the filler neck to prevent fuel spillage in the event of a rollover. If someone were able to apply enough back pressure against this ball valve (the gas tank being completely full might aid in this scenario), it might stick mostly shut. The weight of the gas in the filler neck may not be enough to dislodge it. I would fish a stick/wire down the neck to try and pop the valve back open. What to use depends on the valve location and any bends in the path…