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Nissan build quality


We are going to be getting my wife a new car. We have been having transmission issues with our Acura TSX (155k). Anyway, we have driven almost every make in the smaller SUV segment. It has come down to the Nissan Rogue SL AWD (top end model) or the top end Honda CR-V model. Now, I know that Honda’s are great vehicles and their resale value is great. However, she really like the Rogue, much more than the CR-V. I have to admit, the Rogue is very refined, and leaps and bounds ahead of my Kia Sportage!

So, I wanted to see how many of you own a Nissan, have worked on one, or know someone that has one. If so, how do they like? How does the build quality seem? The resale value seems to be decent on them, and it has good reviews. I thought it would be worth asking to see how people (who have one) or know someone that has one likes it. I have never owned a Nissan, nor do I know anyone that has.

Thanks much!

I personally feel that Nissan is a CLEAR step below Honda and Toyota in terms of quality, reliability, resale value, pretty much everything, for that matter

They are fine cars, IMO, but for the most part pretty unremarkable

I feel Kia/Hyundai is rapidly catching up to Toyota and Honda . . . Nissan, not so much

Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear

Yikes! I didn’t realize that!

That’s just one man’s opinion

Somebody else may have a completely different opinion

Needless to say, if your wife really likes the Nissan Rogue, don’t let some faceless guy on the internet talk her out of it, so to speak :smile_cat:

I trust you guys though, I don’t want to make a stupid mistake and regret it. I’m pushing for the CR-V and she wants the Nissan. Ultimately, the wife usually wins ):

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Asking unknown persons on an internet forum what vehicle to buy is silly. Here are two statements.

  1. I have a Nissan and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

  2. I just got rid of a Nissan product and will never have another.

Which is the true statement?

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I just wanted some thoughts from you gear heads…

Stop by the local bookstore and get a Consumer Reports New Car Preview issue.
Peruse the ones you like and spend a few weekends doing test drives.

We’re all great guys here, but we’re all highly biased. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Based on the two Nissans I’ve owned they are EXCELLENT vehicles.

1990 Pathfinder - Sold at a little over 300k miles.

1998 Pathfinder - After driving for over 300k miles I gave to my oldest daughter. She drove it for a few years and sold it to her ex boyfriend. It was approaching 500k miles.

I put less then $2000 in repairs for both vehicles over the years.

Nissans are more rust-prone than Toyotas and Hondas,.

Also, I would not buy a car with a CVT transmission.

Don’t forget, Nissan is owned by France’s Renault, makers of less than stellar cars. So I agree with the other posters that there is a significant difference with Nissans having a shorter life expectancy. However, if you trade every 4 years there won’t be much difference in performance, but the lower resale value will hit you over the head.

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Just forget all the comments here, good or bad. If it’s a car for your wife and she likes the Rouge, you don’t have much choice, but to get it for her.

First thing I would do is to go to the library and search Consumer Reports, then check around reliable car-related sites for some data on the reliability. Cars nowadays are far more reliable than even 10 years ago. So, if you are planning on driving less than 150,000 miles on the car, you are probably safe with models that rank above average in Consumer Reports data. Also, remember that different models from the same manufacturer may have very different reliability rating. For example, most of the models in the Camry and Corolla classes are very reliable, because they sell the most, and most models have been around a long time. But if you are looking for a less-selling model, then the reliability rating might go down as well. Considering how popular SUVs are these days, Rogue should be a priority model for Nissan. Therefore, I am guessing it’s quite reliable among different Nissan models.

I mentioned that if you don’t plan on driving more than 150,000 miles, Rogue would be just fine, although CRV clearly would be more reliable. (I don’t have to look at Consumer Reports to tell you that.) This is because manufacturers design cars with 150,000 miles as their target age – meaning there should not be any major problem within that time period.

I owned a Nissan Maxima, my father owned a Camry and my brothers owned Accords. They were all similar model years. In my opinion, Accords were the most refined and fun to drive. Maxima was more fun to drive, but Camry was much more refined. Maxima was essentially trouble free, but there were definitely more repairs than Camry or Accords. If I had to choose again, I would probably go with Accord, but if it were between Camry and Maxima, I might go with Maxima, because it just was more fun. I think that is worth a little sacrifice in reliability.

Although it is true that Honda and Toyota have higher resale value, they are more expensive to begin with. (Resale value don’t mean a lot, if you plan on driving it for a long time.) Nissan models are often cheaper or have bigger engine or just bigger overall. So, you pay less in the beginning, and you get less back when you sell.

If I were you, I would let her get Rogue.

I would have passed on both on the basis of the CVT transmission. I know most manufacturers are going that route, but they are still crossovers out there that have conventional transmissions. You might just do very well with the CVT esp if you have the fluid service done with the proper ATF, probably at the dealer. Honda has had vibration issues with the newer CRV, just google it or visit the crv owner’s forum.

Have you tested the RAV4? I have a Hyundai Tucson and we have been happy with it. The newer design has a dual clutch transmission which could be another issue.

Back to marriage counseling; get the Nissan and hope for the best.

Some models of Nissan are just as good as any Toyota or Honda.

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Consumer Reports shows the Rogue is a reliable model. The first year of the new generation was 2014 and there were a lot of electrical problems, though they cleared up in 2015. Earlier years have a problem with noises and squeaks that do not show up in newer vehicles. I suspect that is age related, while the electrical problems were new model issues. The noise issue occurs in about 3% of the Rogues in the CR poll, and I would not make that a deal breaker. I see no reliability issues that would keep me from buying a Nissan Rogue.

My wife’s 1994 Nissan Sentra was an excellent car, but it rusted prematurely, even in the dry climate East of the Rockies. So, I have to downgrade it although mechanically it was a good car.

Comparing a 1994 to a 2016 is not really a good comparison.

Car companies are extremely slow to change (for the good or bad). There’s a culture within the company that is extremely difficult to change. Cars built 20 years ago can be a very good indicator of how things are today. Especially now when quality is a much higher priority then it use to be.

Trust me. If the Wife says “OK we will get the Honda”. You have still lost.

19 comments and I bet you are just as confused as when you first started. We already ALL know you will buy the Rogue.

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