What do you like in Audi RS6?

Hello! I am making a fan video about an Audi RS6 C8 in Motion Design style, about 30 seconds long. Style as pictured. I am interested in your opinion about this car, what do you like most about it (Interior, exterior, wheels, engine or touch screens) with what color it is associated?. What would you like to see in the video? . Choose one you like best for your audi rs6 video (P.s Google translate)!

Looks like rubber band clown tires.

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If you were attaching a video or more pics, it is not working. The car looks wicked, to many potholes for me to love the wheels and tires for everyday use, but very stylish.

Just how many people do you think have one of these things anyway . Why are you not posting on an Audi Forum . It seems if you are making a video you would just focus on the vehicle with your own thoughts .

I’d like to see it on a road track doing gonzo laps.

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They don’t sell the RS6 in the US.

They’ve started selling the RS6 Avant here for 2021

There are 3 things I really like.

  1. Initial cost
  2. Maintenance cost
  3. Price of parts

( I hope everyone sees the 17 layers of sarcasm )


You’re right, I didn’t realize it was the wagon. I looked in the sedans section of the Audi site.

Closest ones to Dallas are in Austin and Houston. $120,000 and up.

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I like the idea that any European car should be traded in when the bumper to bumper warranty expires.

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Twin turbo v8. Lots of stuff under hood. I recall a guy who put a north star v8 and gm trans in a vw golf. The new rs6 is huge compared to old models from early 2002 New models are 15” longer then years past.

You may now remove your tongue from your cheek.(•‿•)

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