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What could have gone wrong?

Took my car for regular 37K service (oil, tire rotation, etc.) Next day noticed that the alert chimes that tell you that the seatbelt is not buckled and the lights have been left on did not work.

Wondering if the problem could have been created when the car was serviced or just a timing coincidence.

I am about to take the car back to the service people to have them look at the problem and want to know (1) what might have caused it, (2) what it might cost to fix it, and (3) is it something they should assume responsibility for fixing.


It is hard to say if the shop caused the trouble or not. I assume the two circuits showing trouble are tied to a common power cource and would first check to see if they are getting power to them. A good tech should be able to find and fix the trouble in an hours time I would guess but some shops don’t fair well in electrical repair issues.

Cougar is on the right track. the second thing to check is the relay for the warning signal. Fortunately you have the old fashioned backup system, your brain. Hook up your seat belt, and check your light switch when you turn off your engine. It is possible that a fuse in the system is loose, or that the battery terminals need cleaning. The last thing to check is the ground wire from the relay. good luck.

Thanks, So is it just a coincidence?

Yes, you are right about the back-up system, but now i am habituated to listen, so fear I might forget. In your opinion, is it just a coincidence?

It’s possible that they disconnected the chimes because they were working on the car and the sound was annoying, or maybe as a favor to you. Some people unplug the chime module to stop the nagging sound. Ask them if they did that.

Thanks again, that’s what I needed to know. I wlil ask.