Stop the dinging!

2004 Chrylser Sebring, previously branded title. The seat belt light and bell chime continuously for the first 2 minutes every time I start the car and begin driving. It doesn’t matter if my belt is buckled or not, it chimes for 2 minutes every time. I’ve looked at the fuse box and haven’t been able to locate a bad fuse. What should I do next?

probly an open circuit. Does it chime through speaker?

The chime is coming from the dash, I’m assuming through a speaker. The light flashes during the first 2 minutes, then remains on continuously for the duration of the drive.

It sounds like the wire connection to the seatbelt latch is not making connection as the other poster sort of stated. If the chime circuit for the seat belts doesn’t see the connection it will stay active until it times out.