What caused this?

My car is a 1991 and one day i was backing out of my drive way and shifted into drive and when i pressed down on the gas it would not go nowhere i then put it in reverse and still would not go nowhere. And my daughter came out and the car moved then. I am thinking that might be a transmition problem. And also when i check the trans fulid with it idiling it dont show nothing on it. But if i turn the car off and check it it shows a reading why is this? And we are wondering if it would be worth keeping. Or we need to sell it. Would it be a car that would need a lot of work. And also i said this eailer but there is a clanking noise. My cousin thinks it is the water pump where the fan may be broke and hitting against something. Any advice will be helpfull. Thank you

Your transmission fluid is low. The failure to move was a classic symptom, but the no fluid on the stick is a dead give away. Transmission fluid level must be checked with the engine running. With it off, it is invalid. Get the fluid changed and brought up to the right level. You are doing damage to it.

Do you think it would be worth keeping because i think it has a transmission leak. Because when i moved my car there was a dark spot on the ground under the frount of the car. Do you think this car will require a lot of repairs. And i had checked it before that had happened and it was ok.

Check and let a local INDEPENDENT mechanic take a look and give you an estimate. Some leaks can be cheap, others are close to the national debt.

Do not drive it until fluid is put in, may take 2 quarts or more.
It could be simple,trans line or pan leaking

And one more thing on the odmodemoter 114215 6867 Does something seem wrong with that reading? I think it might have been rolled back.

One hundred fourteen million two hundred fifteen thousand six hundred and eighty-six point7 miles.Something fishy, I have never seen odometer with that many number spaces.
What kind of car is it?

I THINK THE 114215 IS THE MILES and the 686.7 is trip odometer but it dont have a button to reset it. It is a 1991 Buick Lesabre. That seems like low mileage for a car of that year.

This mileage would not necessarily be out of line. It just depends on the car’s history.

You can get a clue as to its validity using Carfax or AutoCheck type services. This can’t really verify anything for certain, but it is usually possible to track a vehicle’s mileage fairly well.

Of course, the question is likely irrelevant to anything.