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97 buick leaking Trans fluid/stuck in netural/high gear

Hello all i haven’t posted anything in a while but now i have a problem. Last Wednesday when i was driving all of the sudden the transmission in my 97 buick lesabre acted up by not giving power when accelerating past 2000 rpms but then fixed itself and was fine. On Friday my younger brother and Grandma both drove the car and the transmission was not responding and would not accelerate at all. We took it to our mechanics and he advise us not to drive it and filled the transmission fluid back up, When my brother and grandmother came home from the mechanics the transmission fluid started to leak out everywhere. I wanted to ask we do not have the money to buy a new car nor deciding to junk it is their someway to fix this, or Dose anyone know or who has experience with this know how much (gusstimate) this will cost to repair? Please and thank you.
Thank you

The first thing I would want to know is, Did the mechanic fill the tranny and sent you on your way quickly.
Not that he is hiding anything, but if he was very busy, he may not have noticed a leak.

I wonder if you sprung a leak in one of the transmission cooling lines from the tranny to the radiator.

You will have to start the engine and try to locate the leak. If it is these lines, they do rot out if you are in the rust belt area.



A guess over the internet is worthless for many reasons. It could be simple or a complete rebuild.


We really can’t guess when no one even knows where the leak is coming from. Be aware that driving the car with low fluid might have damaged the transmission, which unfortunately could be expensive to fix. Definitely don’t drive the car any more until the leak is fixed and the fluid is at the correct level or you’ll just make things worse.

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Hello and thank you for responding @Yosemite yes he put us on our way but we havent touched the car since friday @VOLVO_V70and @lion9car i understand that its just i never dealt with this before and wanted to reassure myself because this threw me like a boomerang :confused:. I think it was a leak when it started to drip the fluid they placed in to get home safely the fluid they put it leak out from the front. Its just confused me on how it started and also if this hasn’t damaged the transmission severely.

You have to figure out where the leaks are coming from first. Could be seals or pan gasket or I have had a leak in the transmission cooler lines that will push fluid out in no time. Once the source of the leak(s) are determined, you can see what the cost is to fix the leak. Then its a question of whether or not the transmission has been damaged by driving it with low fluid and the clutches slipping. Transmission overhauls are running in the $2000 range if damage has been done. Cars don’t care if you have money or not to fix them. They just have a mind of their own.

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@Bing I believe i found the leak. It looks like the leak started from the tube where you put the transmission fluid in. When i took off the cover i saw what looked like a rotted tube that still was leaking fluid. I’m hoping we didn’t cause to much damage to the transmission because when i first notice the fluid leaking i put some in on Wednesday when it first started. And yeah Mr. Bing :laughing: its true cars do have a mind of its own and i love/hate it xD. But its fun to learn from when they want to act up.

hello all and here an update on my car, somehow the radiator fluid was getting into the transmission and (Thankfully we caught it in time before it killed the transmission completely). The radiator had to be replaced and also had to flush the system out. Now the car is running perfectly without hesitation and now it idle properly when i put in the new throttle body. Just wanted to let you all know :slight_smile: