My Buick won't go

HELP! I have 1994 Buick issues. Without any warning my car wouldn’t move when I stepped on the gas. The engine was running fine but when I step on the gas it just won’t move. I finally figured out it will move if I put it in first. It’s an automatic. Any ideas?

Do you know how to check the automatic transmission fluid level? If you don’t know how, do you have a friend who can check it for you?
Either way, if so, check first for low fluid level, hot while running the engine. If the fluid is low, you need to add fluid via the check tube and a funnel the appropriate fluid. I think I know which is correct, but a quick check couldn’t verify it. Ask or reference the fluid instructions while buying.
If your fluid is not low, smell it. If you smell a burned smell, then the transmission is shot. In which case it is time to find a new car.

If there is no burned smell and the fluid level is where it should be, get back to me.

Thank you so much. I will check it in the morning. I don’t know how but I’ll try to get the info online.

If the fluid is low then you have a leak & need to have it evaluated for that. If this was a thing that happened all of a sudden then you might have a recently developed or recently worsened leak that is very bad. Look underneath the car for signs of transmission fluid. If you see a severe leak you might want to tow it in to have it looked at.

Why will you try to get the information online? Why don’t you just follow the instructions in your owner’s manual, which are more likely to be accurate?

My owner’s manual only gives me cosmetic info like how to use the windows, move the seat back, etc not how or where to put the transmission fluid.