Transmission problem

I own a 93 Buick LeSabre, last night during a cold spell it broke down. My daughter drove it home, but I noticed a large puddle of transmission fluid in the driveway. I discovered the cooling line portion of the hose had come loose, and tightened the clamp and filled up the fluid, now it won’t shift out of first gear and seems to go into neutral when shifting into second. Is the transmission completely gone? This was an $800.00 car my dautghter bought.

If she was continuing to operate the vehicle with a low transmission fluid level then chances are the transmission is wiped.
Did she not say anything about the transmission shifting, or not shifting, erratically while she was driving it like this?

Continuing to operate a transmission with very low or no fluid is just like running an engine out of oil. The damage is done and adding fluid or oil after the fact is similar to closing the pasture gate after the cows have done wandered off.

Definately sounds like overhaul time.


Sounds bad, but recheck the fluid. Sometimes it takes a few drives to get it all in there. Shift through all the gears while parked a couple times before driving. Miracles happen and I hope you get lucky.