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What would be your recommendations?

I am wanting to trade/sell my 2004 Pontiac Vibe with 145,000 miles for another car. The Vibe is awesome but I am 6’4" tall and the center console is getting in my way and making it uncomfortable. Im wanting to find a car WITHOUT a center console meaning they have to have the gearshift on the column. I am considering a 2004-2006 Chevrolet Impala (Only the '06 of the redesign has the gearshift on the column) and 20005 Buick LeSabre. I know these are GM cars but there are not much choices other than a Ford Taurus which I used to have but the GM cars are more roomier.

What would you suggest? I know I want a later than 2003 GM model because they redesigned the intake gasket in late '03.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your opinions! Im a long-time reader of this site.

Have you ever driven a Crown Vic???

I did and did not like how it handled I test drove a 2003 Crown Victoria and the steering was too light and senstive…the Impala is surprisingly more comfortable.

Honda CRV / Pilot?

The new Taurus with the upcoming police package has the shifter on the column. The current Dodge Charger with the police package also has the shifter on the column. I don’t know if you can just walk in off the street and buy one though.

have you tried something with a shorter shift lever? say a miata?

If you buy a Miata will you send a picture? a 6’4 man in a Miata would look as funny as you sitting on a Sportster.

It would look like Thomas Magnum in his Ferrarri. Ever wonder why you never saw him in the car with the top on? He didn’t fit!

Lincoln Town car if you can afford a new one.
I think even the brand new Impalas can be ordered with a bench seat, atleast they could last year I know.

Now I am considering a 2004 Buick Century…Its real comfortable. Any complaints about that? I want to hear your opinions.

The '04 Century is listed as a “Reliable used car for every budget” in the 4k - 6k range in Consumer Reports (April 2010, 78). One day at work I drove one with 300k + on it and it was still going strong. I do valet for a living. Have fun.

Buick actually has a pretty solid reputation. Just be sure you get it checked out thoroughly, as you should with any used car.

Hello its me again…Ive found a few vehicles and decided on either a 2003 Buick LeSabre with 88,000 miles or a 2004 Chevrolet Impala with 84,000 miles. Can anyone tell me when the infamous intake manifold gasket was redesigned? I believe in late 2003.

any thoughts on this? i would appreciate your advice. thanks!

Hello readers…I just wanted to give an update on this discussion. After intense searching, I’ve decided on and purchases. 2005 Ford Taurus SE with only 29,000 verified miles on the car. I got such a good deal on it that I added my 2nd vehicle (a 94 Chevy S10 pick up) to trade along with my Vibe. The Taurus has been awesome and very comfortable. I’m happy with my decision and I appreciated everyone’s advice. That’s why I turned to you guys. Thank you everyone! Keep on writing! :slight_smile:


OP is 6’4"!!! Getting into a Miata and out might require a large can opener!

Thanks for the update and good luck with your new car

I’m curious. The C&C guys list quite a few Toyota models (Corolla, Camry, and others) in their section on cars they hate (because the repairs are minor, leaving them with little labor revenue) – paraphrasing based on what I think they’re saying. Anyway, they don’t include the RAV. Any idea why? I see they mention the CRV, which a few other posters to this column do as well. So, I’m curious as to why. Thanks.