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What are you guys ON this morning?

OK, It’s probably illegal, Ray (or tom?) laughing so much you can’t get on with the show! WHAT THEY HECK ARE YOU GUYS ON? C’mon guys, small children listen to the show, what kind of example are you giving? Ray was laughing so hard, I thought someone might need to give him the Heimlich manuver or an inhaler.

The follow up question is, WHERE CAN I GET A CASE OF THE STUFF?

What the guys were “on” this morning was…almost surely…recording tape.
In case you didn’t notice it, almost all of the calls for the past few weeks featured questions about cars of the '90s that had odometer mileage in the range of 100k.

Yes, it is possible that these calls were current ones, regarding cars that had traveled very few miles per year over the past couple of decades, but…I doubt that this is the case. Instead, I think it is more likely that most of these calls were dredged-up from the archives.

I will really miss Car Talk, but I also wish that, in the run-up to their last broadcast, the brothers were at least running currrent content, instead of old recycled calls.

Unfortunately it seems that the final show has already very quietly happened with no fanfare. I was hoping for a goodbye episode as I think they’ve more than earned it but that doesn’t appear to have been the plan. I’m going to miss hearing new shows immensely.