2022 Chevrolet Corvette - Seeking mechanic

Looking for a good place, and mechanic, that can work on C8 Corvettes.

any chevy dealer that has a certified corvette tech specialist. they should say it on their website. other than that we cant help you. we do not even know where you live.

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here is a good forum for questions on your C8

C8 Corvette - CorvetteForum - Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion

What kind of work ? If you really have a 2022 then use the silly warranty .


the first oil change and tranny service is free. he is probably worrying about putting it on the lift because some have fell off from tech not knowing how to put it on correctly using the jacking points and pucks.

find one of these in your area …

Why would you go anywhere other than the dealership on a 2022 Corvette?


I just don’t understand posts like this . Has a new vehicle with warranty - does not say what the problem is - does not give location - apparently does not have the ability to use a web search engine ( Corvette repair shop near location ) and why would you take a chance using a shop that might not have even seen a redesigned expensive vehicle.


The C8 was introduced in 2020 and not everything is covered by the warranty.
The warranty could be expired by milage, I am working on a 2018 Lexus with 140,000 miles.

Buds Chevy in Celina Ohio.