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Corvette repair

I have an 87 Corvette that needs major service. I live in Northeast New Jersey. Can anyone recommend a top notch mechanic as I have been disappointed with the quality of service received from the dealer. I believe the major problem is with the electrical system.

Well there’s the mechanic finder on the main cartalk page which will be helpful:

If you want a Corvette-only shop or expert you’d probably do best to check in with a Corvette forum, unless someone here chimes in.

My recommendation is to go to the corvette website and look at Corvette Specialists. There is one in Indiana and one in Michigan.
Take a look at www.corvette and also take a look at www.linkenfelter

If the repair is major, I recommend some like Linkenfelter.

I hope this is helpful information
Keith miller

Here’s a link to New Jersey Corvette clubs: