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What are some quite riding cars?

what are the quietest riding cars?

The Maybach, the Rolls Royce Phantom, and the Bentley Arnage.

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I remember a television commercial from, I believe, back in the mid 1960s where the quietness of a Ford LTD was compared with that of a Rolls Royce. Since it was a Ford commercial, the Ford won.

Did we mention hybrids and electrics. Some may be required to put small sound generating devices on them so pedestrians can hear them coming.

Do you also remember the SNL parody ad?


I suggest taking a few test drives. Your idea of quiet may be different than mine. Some people are more bothered by low frequency sounds and others high frequency sounds. In the end it is you not me that will be bothered by the noise.

My 08 Expedition is the quietest ‘car’ I’ve ever owned.