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In search of a quiet car for a short driver

It’s time for me to purchase a new car soon. We have a 2002 and a 2010 Honda Accord sedans. They are good vehicles but their road noise is loud. Do you have suggestions for a quiet car that fits a short (5 ft) driver? In most cars, the passenger seat is not height adjustable and I can barely see over the dashboard! Yes, I currently use a pillow.

In the latest issue of Consumer Reports, one of the auto-related articles deals with “Best Vehicles For Short Drivers”. The recommended vehicles (in rank order) are:

Subaru Forester
BMW 7-Series
Acura RLX
Lexus ES
Mercedes S-Class
Volvo XC90
Subaru Outback
VW Tiguan
Honda Odyssey

As to quietness, I suspect that the best ones from that list would be the Lexus ES and the Mercedes S-Class sedans, but you will need to do your own listening to determine which vehicles from that list are quiet enough for you, while being in your preferred price range.

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Yikes, that’s an expensive list! Plenty of less expensive cars have adjustable seats now. Try a Camry XLE.

Hondas are known to be a bit rough riding and noisy.

My late mother-in-law solved the problem with a $20 seat cushion.

Usually any cars of a higher trim level have height adjustable seats. You might want to take a test drive in a Buick lacrosse.

If he/she can find one…
That model was discontinued by GM several months ago.

… and they frequently have more sound-proofing.

Something like a Camry hybrid comes to mind. Your best bet is to drive a bunch of vehicles and see/hear for yourself.

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If you can afford it, I recommend you check out luxury brands since they tend to be the most quiet, particularly Lexus and Mercedes.

If you cannot afford a luxury car, my mother’s VW Jetta happens to be a lot less noisy than my old Civic. My mother got a great deal on a used Jetta that was a former rental car.

We have a 2017 Accord EX-L and a 2019 Odyssey EX-L. The Odyssey is much quieter. The EX-L trim offers power drivers and passengers seats. The OP should be able to move the drivers seat close and low enough to make driving comfortable. @Munoz, if a minivan is acceptable to you, take a test drive and see if you like it.