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Quiet riding cars

what cars are quiet when driving?

Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Land Rover

Buick is well known as one of the quietest cars on the road.

In general, late model Buick and Lexus cars probably have the least road noise. Beyond that, improvements can be made to any car to reduce road noise such as enhancing sound deadening in key areas, selecting replacement tires known for reduced road noise, and keeping maintenance up to date.

My 2006 Lincoln Town Car is pretty quiet.

Lexus, Buick, and BMW, like others said.

Lexus ES350 is quiet, but the IS250/350 models are not.

How new do you want? How much $$ do you want to spend?

For the money, the larger GM models have consistently been the quietest cars. Now that some of the hybrids and EVs are on the block, in the smaller cars I’d have to give the nod to them. Maybe too much so. EVs will be the quietest in all cars, large or small eventually.

Any full size old LTD. 79 Thunderbird. Cars with the smallest windows can be quieter. Ford used to brag about the quiet interior of their big cars.

Crown Vic LX, Grand Marquis, Town Car. Few can match them…Body & Frame construction, flush mounted glass, double door seals equals silence at 75 MPH…

Toyota Avalon; mine was so quiet I got bored and had to get rid of it.

Wife bought the ES-350 because it was SO QUIET.

My Bonneville’s Pretty Quiet. It Shares The GM H-Body With Buick LeSabre. My Wife’s Impala Isn’t Bad, Either.

Somebody told me to check out the Ford Fusion / Taurus for low noise.

As others say, Lexus, Lincoln and other luxury cars tend to be the quitest. In the mid price range the Ford Taurus, Buick, Toyota Avalon, and the Hyundai Azera are very quiet.

That’s when you CRANK UP ZZ-TOP…Won’t be bored then…