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Car ride

quite riding cars?

Yes, they are a great idea. If you were thinking of buying one, the Buick (most models) is quiet, as are the Lexus (expensive), Ford Flex, Ford Taurus, Toyota Avalon, Lincoln, and a few others.

I’m mainly sticking to cars with good reliability and a quiet ride. Audis and Mercedes also ride quetly, but are unrelaible, while Acuras are very reliable, but they are noisy considering the price you pay.

Consumer Reports does a good job in classifying how quiet cars are; a solid red ball on their “noise” ratings indicates a quiet car. A half red ball may be acceptable to you. Don’t go for anything less.

Why all the repeat questions?

The posts might have gotten lost to them, or we didn’t give them the answers they were wanting.

Its time to require a basic training program & a license before you’re allowed to use the internet for any form of communication with other human beings.