Pontiac Vibe


Does anyone have any advice about the 2007 Vibe?? Just looking for consumer feedback.Thanks


i think theyre kind of neat, but i dont like the looks, but these days, that doesnt seem to matter.


Its a rebadged Toyota Matrix which is based on the Toyota Corolla. They tend to be a reliable vehicle. Lastly they are in the top 10 cars for lowest insurance rates.

My only qualm is that the try to look sporty however the driving experience is not whatsoever. They are very appliance like which may be a good thing for you.


These cars, the Vibe or Matrix, have been around for a while and have been well received. The Vibe is the sporty version of the cheaper Matrix.

These are very practical cars for those who need versatility in cargo or people space. There is nothing bad to say about them.


The Pontiac Vibe and its twin, the Toyota Matrix are both reliable, practical cars with good reputations. The only suggestion I have is to make sure you’re comfortable with the visibility to the rear before you buy one. Other than that either one would be a good choice.

If I were in the market for a vehicle, these cars would be on my list of cars worthy of consideration.


I need to emphasize that Vibe/Matrix are only sporty in looks not driving experience.

My ski buddy dumped hers after a year as she thought it was a complete appliance and was bored stiff driving it. She dumped it and purchased a Mazda 3 hatch. Another ski buddy calls his the toaster. His is up for sale.

However if this stuff does not matter again its a fine car otherwise.


Good gas mileage and it should be reliable but it’s not for us. The cargo room behind the rear seat is very small.