2009 Pontiac Vibe GT

I am looking at purchasing a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT. Has anyone heard anything positive or negative about this car or its Toyota twin the Matrix?

Car and Driver says that the Pontiac is the same as the Toyota, but costs less. Do the math. Buy the Pontiac.

Consumer Reports reliability looks great.

The Pontiac Vibe is a Toyota, so overall reliability is good. In many respects it is a Corolla wagon. I have a Vibe and the only real negative to these cars is the cheap plastic trim. I love the the car. What other compactish car can you fit a full size dryer in the back of? I highly recommend it!

Ignore publications and take it for a half day test drive(decent dealers do this). Your living with it not toaster testers like CR or advertising hungry Car & Driver editors.

The most aysmal car I ever owned a 1995 Civic was bought on what I read, quick test drive and everyone said what great cars they were. Reliable yes and fuel efficient although with $1-$2/gallon yes. Everything else abysmal.

I am considering getting the '08 Vibe because I prefer that model’s looks. I have been researching several small wagons or 4 door hatchbacks. I have read that the Vibe is noisy but I have not sen the same criticism of the Matrix. Is it possible that Matrix has better noise supression? My '02 Focus is considerably noisier than my friend’s Toyota sedan–don’t know exactly which model she drives.

I had one as a rental a couple of years ago; they are probably still available. KDV523, you could rent one for a weekend and really get to know it.

BTW, it was a bit noisy and didn’t get the gas mileage I expect out of a small car, but is was pleasant otherwise. But the 2009 is a redesigned model, I believe.

I own a 2004 Matrix.

The pros: It’s got ENORMOUS cargo capacity, that’s all USABLE because the rear seats fold completely flat. I routinely haul an entire six-piece drum set plus all the cymbals, hardware and electronics that go with it and still have room for a passenger and a suitcase. Yes, the fuel economy isn’t quite what you would expect from a compact car (I average 32 mpg and drive a combination of highway and city miles) but I defy you to find a more fuel-efficient car with that much cargo space at a lower price. Moreover, I’ve had very little mechanical trouble with it beyond routine maintenance.

The cons: the engine is noisy, and the plastic parts inside rattle. I’ve had the dealership add insulation under the dash and that helps control the rattle.

Just on a whim I test-drove the 2009, and my reaction was wow, nice upgrades. I won’t have any qualms about getting another Matrix when I finally put this one out to pasture.