Wet seat belt

My 2004 Tacoma was sitting in the driveway during heavy rains. The next day when I got in, the driver’s side seat belt was wet. I noticed once last winter it was frozen stiff. Has this happened to anyone else? The truck just got a new frame last September, and I assume the dealer would fix any holes at that time. Maybe not. Any ideas?

Well, the frame is under the truck and the seat belt is above the frame and water does not run uphill so you can eliminate anything to do with the frame for this problem.

Likely door frame seals or window seals are letting water in. It is a tedious job to find leaks unless you find something obvious like a torn seal.

Have someone soak down the outside of the car with a hose while you sit inside the car looking for leaks.

Make sure they really deluge the roof, and if you don’t see anything from that, have them use a sprayer nozzle or put their thumb over the hose and shoot the jet of water right at the seam between the door and the roof. Once you see it leaking you can open the door and see where the water was getting in.

Thanks. It must be the side window seal. Is that hard to replace?

It could be the door seal. It could be intact, but with the door not closing as tightly as it used to.

Does it have a sunroof?