Water in Toyota Echo

I have a 2003 toyota echo & every time it rains the front passenger seat on the floor gets soaking wet. My husband will drain it out with the drain plug but as soon as it rains again, the carpet is soaked. We were in a car accident & rear ended last september, the car was fixed but since then i have been having problems with getting water in my trunk every time it rains, i keep taking it to the dealer to get fixed but after a month or two theres water in it again. could these two problems be related?

After a collision no vehicle is the same anymore.

Components get bent/twisted and otherwise deformed.

As a result, replaced parts and weather-stripping don’t keep the water out.

If a door is out of alignment, even over-sized weatherstripping sometimes won’t work.

If only the carpet (and not the seat as well) got wet, I would suspect a possible leak through the lower windshield seal.

A leaking sunroof seal will allow water to drip onto the seats.

Do the old test of having someone spray water on the car while someone sits inside and looks for the leak spot, this is exactly what the Dealer would do to find the leak.

Possible fixes for the leak in front include adjusting the door to close tighter or replacing the seal.

Trunk leaks can come from the seal or even the tailight housing.

I have a better view on body shops being able to restore nomial function after accidents. It would be nice to connect the accident with the water in the front, it would be fixed at someone elses cost. Insurance companies know that people try to make these type of connections so be prepared for some resistance.