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2007 Toyota Camry - Wet inside

I have water coming into my car excessively when it rains, parked. Where are all the weep holes, water drain holes located -to be checked for complete repair/replacement. Could it be window gaskets. They have tried to repair it twice & not done! Also, car has been cleaned out one time due to mold, fungus… and needs it, again. Please, HELP!

There are drains in the bottom of the doors. Don’t forget the AC drain, probably on the firewall on the passenger side.
To help find out where the water is entering, may I suggest you go to a brushless car wash and see where the water is entering.

Here is one thing you may want to start with if you have a sunroof.

After a rain storm take a really good look, up close (Think: Sherlock Holmes). Examine everything you can inside the car. Dab around with a tissue and see if it comes up wet from any place you’ve checked.

Carpet can offer a clue and check very carefully along the inside of the doors along the border of the interior door trim panels. Look for a damp tissue test or evidence that water has left streaks in dust, etcetera.

Often difficult to find leaks result from the moisture barrier (plastic sheet/panel) between the trim panel and door developing a gap where it is adhered to the door, probably with butyl ribbon.

Also, check underneath the dashboard where any steering or wiring components go through the firewall to the engine bay and in the trunk, too.

Surprisingly, with patience and a Sherlock Holmes attitude, if you take the time to thoroughly examine everything after a hard rain, you can find the source of water intrusion yourself.