Water leak in 2000 Camry XL

Every time it rains the carpet is very wet by the left drivers foot. I have cleaned out the drain behind the front wheel and used a heavy gauge plastic mono line to clean out the drain for the moon roof. Unfortunately it still becomes wet. My next area to check is the drain from the area at the bottom of the windshield. Does anyone know how that can be done?

Soapy water in a squeeze bottle. Engine running, windows fully closed. Turn fan on full. Squirt water around windshield and watch for furious sudsing. Don’t use dishwashing liquid unless you want to remove wax.

That’s good IDEA, really,

I just got my camry 1 Yr ago, have 9200 Miles on it ,dealer, won’t change oil till 10 thousand thinks it’s better to change earlier, I run it hard ,

I had leak in my camry in same area. turned out to be clogged A/C drain tube. it can be accessed under the car on the passenger side (snake it out with a coat hanger, e.g.) or you can get to it under the rug on the passenger side. The rug was always wet. Good luck!

I see a lot of complaints about LF floor wet when it’s actually a clogged a/c drain tube. Blow compressed air into the tube and see if water pours out. If not, pull back the carpet in the passenger front where the carpet meets the center console area and make sure the drain tube is connected to the evap box. Has your windshield recently been replaced? Are/have you left any windows open? There are 4!! drains for the moon roof. Gingerly pour water into the track drain area and make sure water comes out of all 4 corners. The drain at the bottom of the windshield COULD be plugged and causing water to come in through the fresh air inlet, but this is HIGHLY unlikely. I’ve only ever seen it on a Sequoia, and there was a TSB for it to add a piece of foam so water wouldn’t intrude that way. So, if your a/c tube is DEF not clogged, and your moonroof drains (4!!!) are DEF not plugged, you gotta get cramped and dirty like us Toyota techs: Have someone spray the hose down with you in the car shining a flashlight under the dash on both sides, checking the windows, EVEN spraying underneath in case the oxygen sensor grommet isn’t sealed and water is getting in that way. Water leaks are a PITA to fing sometimes, but always start with the easy/common stuff. K.I.S.S. :slight_smile: PS: I just checked and there are no TSB’s for 2000 Camry water leaks. Cheers