Wet carpet

why is my carpet wet in the fall and spring

Which carpet are you asking about? The carpet in your house, or the carpet in your car?

driver side

The spring fall thing would tend to make me think that you get high humidity then and that is the problem caused by a blocked drain from the cabin air blower box. The only problem with that is that blower box is usually on the passenger side.

Do you have a sun roof? Do you par where that driver’s side front is a little lower than the rest of the car?

Maybe a window seal or a gasket for something penetrating the firewall.

insightful questions J meehan…yes i have a sun roof and yes i park where dr sd is lowest.

Look for a clogged sunroof drain. Compressed air (not too much or you will be sorry) or some string trimmer line used carefully.

Thanks, I’ll check it over the weekend