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Welcome to the NPR Café!

Sylvia Poggioli ravioli? The Nina Totenburger? This week on Car Talk Tom and Ray shared the money-making scheme of the century from listener Mike Ramsey: the NPR Café.

But... what's on the menu? That's where you come in. From Allison Aubrey to Snigdha Prakash, we're looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Let’s have a Carl Kasell casserole, I love this type of fun

Pheasant under Ira Glass.

After dinner enjoy a Roy Blunt (but only for medicinal purposes!)

Magliozzarella sticks.
Shortz ribs.
Shrimp Melissa Blocktail.
Egg foo Robin Young.

Click-and-Clack short stack. On the breakfast menu.

The Lake Wobegon fiesta combo plate, where the tacos are strong, the enchiladas are good-looking, and the refried beans are above average.

Magliozzi meatballs.

Robert Krulwich Sandwich
Ira Flatow Potato
Peter Sagal Bagel
Bream a la Diane Rehm
Dave Davies Gravy

Click and Clack barbecued rack of ribs.

Prairie Home-fries Companion
Paula Poundstone Cake
Ari Shapiro Hero Sandwich
These American Life-Savers
Ham and Cheese Magliozzi
Carl Whitekasell Hamburgers
Scott Salmon Patties
All Meals made "From Scratch!"
Carp Talk

On the menu at the “All Things Corn-Frittered Cafe”:

  • Daniel Zwerdfish
  • Mi-shellfish Norris Gumbo
  • Carl Kaserole with Marilyn Geewax beans

Louisa Limburger
Audie Cornish Hen
Steve Inskeeper’s full English breakfast

Chicken Snigdha Prakash
Every weekday evening 5-7 - Special buffet: All Things You Can Consider Eating

So funny so far! Great job…Here are some more:

Lynn “Risotto” Kasper
Tom AshBROOK Trout
Peter Sagal Bagel with Cream Cheese & LAKShmi Singh
Diane Rehm Puff
Neal Ice Cream Conan

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me platter…

What NPR Cafe menu would be complete without Mother Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish?

Lourdes Garcia Nachos
Melissa Block Cheese
Audie Cornish Hen
Car Taco
Liz Hallorandaise
Quail Lawrence
Ari Shaphero Sandwich
Susan Stamburger

I hope you are going to publish an official NPR Cafe menu, and if Lourdes Garcia Nachos, Car Taco, Quail Lawrence and Ari Shaphero Sandwich don’t make the menu, I will learn to live with the disappointment.

My order? A Lakshmi Singh souffle!